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Michael Chrichton: „Wenn es Wissenschaft ist, gibt es keinen Konsens. Wenn es Konsens gibt, ist es keine Wissenschaft“

Philosophy of Nature, Brain,- Consciousness, Near-Death Research

(Modern science and the question of our own nature)

It is astonishing that the further science progresses in the study of the cosmos and the “smallest”, the more parallels seem to emerge in answering questions that were previously more reserved for philosophy or religion. The Eastern philosophies, especially ZEN Buddhism, occupy a special position in my view. Here are some examples to support my thesis:

Stephen Hawking: Why are we here? ‘YouTube (Link)’

A conversation with Dr. Ulrich Warnke: How consciousness switches reality. ‘YouTube (Link)’

Hans-Peter Dürr: The spiritual is the driving force. ‘YouTube (Link)’

Mathilde Ludendorff: Triumph of the will of immortality.

Post of 20 Dec 2020: The Mystery of Our Consciousness ‘ARTE’

and some interesting contributions on the topics

YouTube playlist


The Language of Trees (Part 1/3) ‘Terra X’

(Even though they are in the same spot all their lives, trees are not mute, lonely beings. In the forest they have friends and business partners, family members and enemies. And they are connected to all of them. This video is a production of ZDF, in collaboration with Colourfield.)

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