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Henry L. Mencken: „Moral ist das zu tun, was richtig ist, egal was einem gesagt wird.  Religion ist das zu tun, was einem gesagt wird, egal was richtig ist“    |   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “Man reist nicht um anzukommen, sondern um zu reisen.”    |   Charlie Chaplin: “Das Leben ist ein Theaterstück ohne vorherige Probe. Darum singe, lache, tanze und liebe…”    |   Galileo Galilei: “Man kann einen Menschen nichts lehren, man kann ihm nur helfen, es in sich selbst zu entdecken.”   |  Mark Twain: “Die beiden wichtigsten Tage deines Lebens sind der Tag, an dem du geboren wurdest, und der Tag, an dem du herausfindest, warum.”

1. Healthy lifestyle

1.1 Nutrition

Bereits im März 2018 erschien das Buch „Der Ernährungskompass“ von Bas Kast. This book broadly confirms my own experiences. Since I was 18 years old, I have been working intensively on the subject. It all started with a rather radical raw-vegan form. The basis at that time was a book entitled “The Original Law of Natural Nutrition” of Walter Sommer.

A former professional trainer of mine, who had been practising this strict form of nutrition for many years as a result of an illness, also had a considerable influence. For him, he credibly claimed, it was his personal “last resort”, since the doctors had already written him off before the diet change. He gave me some good advice at the beginning. By the way, at that time we were considered to be the group of exotics, to put it mildly. There were hardly any canteens, hospitals or restaurants that had such food on the menu. Nor have there been these extensive findings and research possibilities as is customary today. Almost all the doctors with whom I was looking for the conversation at that time advised me more about the usual home cooking.

After about two years of this diet, however, I found that there were signs of deficiency. I had quite a lot of calories at the time. In addition to the rather physical stress required at the time, there were daily bike tours to and from the workplace, regular intensive sporting activity and much more. Aufgeben kam aber nicht in Frage und so fand ich, nach und nach, meinen persönlichen Weg und dies ist bis heute mit Abstand meine wichtigste Erkenntnis: “Jeder Mensch ist anders und sollte deshalb seine individuellen Bedürfnisse kennen.”

This is a learning process, to develop an awareness of it, to listen: “What does my body want, how does it react to food”. Auch hier hilft das ZEN, “Wenn ich esse, dann esse ich”!

When I, many years had already passed with a more personal, moderate type of whole-food diet, rather by chance on the book “Der Ernährungskompass” aufmerksam wurde, war ich wirklich erstaunt, welche Fortschritte es mittlerweile in der Ernährungslehre gab, vor allem aber welche Übereinstimmungen und Parallelen zu meiner Ernährungs-Historie in diesem Werk zu finden waren.

Here are some interesting contributions to this:
Carbohydrates and Sugar Metabolism – Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Spitz. ‘Academy of Human Medicine, YouTube (Link)’

What makes you sick – The Hunza Experiment. ‘Robert Mc Carrison’

Some useful recipes:

-> Einfache Chapatis ‘Eat this Foodblog’ |-> Website ‘eat this ‘

(For flour production I use a simple hand-operated grain mill from Schnitzer. My mixture consists of freshly ground six-grain whole meal, corn flour and buckwheat flour)

2. Collection of quotes

  • “Moral is to do what is right, no matter what you are told. Religion is to do what is said to you, no matter what is right”
  • You don’t travel to arrive, you’re going to travel.”
  • “Peace is only possible through freedom, freedom only through truth. Therefore, untruth is the real evil, every peace destroyer: the untruth from obfuscation to blind casualness, from lies to inner mendacity, from thoughtlessness to doctrinaire truth fanaticism, from the untruthfulness of the individual to the untruthfulness of the public state.
  • Life is a play without a previous rehearsal. That’s why sing, laugh, dance and love…”
  • “You can’t teach a person anything, you can only help him to discover it in himself.”
  • Those who do not know the truth are just a fool. But whoever knows her, and calls her a lie, is a criminal“.
  • “The new fascism will not say: I am fascism. He will say: I am anti-fascism”.
  • In the event of my death, I make the confession here that I despise the German nation for its exuberant stupidity and am ashamed to belong to it.”
  • Those who swim against the current reach the source, only dead fish swim with the current”.
  • Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, but with the universe I am not quite sureyet “.
  • “Theworld is not threatened by the people who are evil, but by those who allow evil.”
  • If you don’t take the truth seriously in small things, you can’t trust it even in big things.
  • “There are two ways to live his life: either as if nothing were a miracle, or as if everything were a miracle.
  • “The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

3. Satire | Fun

More fun ...?

4. Animals

4.1 Animal joy ... does not come by itself!

  • An incredible story!

  • Bitter tears! Hangover Bob, the strays suddenly died

At the latest through the movie “A Street Cat Named Bob” kater Bob and his companion James Bowen became world famous. The duo had met when James was on the ground because of his drug addiction. The four-legged friend was not least the reason why the street musician made the jump. Now James had to say goodbye to his long-term animal friend: Bob died on Monday at the age of 14.

4.3 Cats and ZEN

  • not all angels have wings, some have whiskers!

  • in fact, cats are traditionally present in many ZEN monasteries!