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trete ich ein für eine direktere Demokratie (Umfrage 2017: ~ 75% der Deutschen teilen diesen Wunsch). Important questions of our coexistence should no longer be decided solely by our elected politicians, but by questioning the electorate. Every four years we get the opportunity to do a cross at the appropriate place and then find out afterwards that the election promises made during the election campaign are rarely kept. The established parties, increasingly indoctrinated by elites and lobbyists, serve primarily only their self-preservation. In addition, a plethora of important decisions are now being taken at EU level, in fact without the democratic influence that deserves these measures. I was already interested in politics as an adolescent, but not actively involved. I am and remain independent and do not choose the party ideologically, but rather according to the current circumstances, which after careful consideration offers the best possible solutions for the current challenges. I also see myself as an extremist, for peace – freedom and justice. In the late 1960s, the youth uprising against a strictly conservative society was a logical development towards more freedom, cosmopolitanism, and peace. In the 1970s, the environmental movement, which was also absolutely necessary, began. The current challenges are manifold and quite complex as a result of progressive globalization. However, due to the increasing digitalization, unimagined opportunities for every citizen to obtain information beyond national borders are also opening up.


also called the 4th power in the state, are of existential importance for a democracy that deserves this name. In particular, the coercively financed “public-law institutions” (abbreviated: ÖR) have a special responsibility here. Unfortunately, not only in my opinion, they are no longer doing their job. I am one of those people who primarily want to be informed in an unbiased, neutral and fact-based way. Information and opinions should always be offered separately, clearly recognizable to the consumer. paternalism or conditioning by Framing, nudging or other types of manipulative “opinion-making(here a proof of this)” As a mature citizen, I strongly reject it. One would think that it is primarily the need for totalitarian states to keep their citizens ‘in line’. On closer and correspondingly critical consideration, however, one has to come to the uncomfortable conclusion that opinion is also being targeted in the “states of the so-called free media”. The mature citizen is far less mature than he would like to believe.

Ein weiterer massiver Kritikpunkt, in Bezug auf die ÖR, ist die offenbar ausufernde Selbstbedienungsmentalität, hier als Beispiel einige Zahlen dazu Gehälter bei den ÖR.

GEZ fee counter, start: 01. Jan 2020

Erstaunlich wie Angela Merkel sich 2015 zu den ÖR äußerte Merkel 2015 zur Zwangsabgabe im ÖR.

ARD and ZDF in Crisis – The Empire Falters – ‘Tichy’s Insight (03.2020)’

How much people think of the compulsory levy: GEZ survey ‘Focus’

Auch interessant eine Umfrage zum Vertrauen in die Medien vonInfratest-dimap,veröffentlicht und im Auftrag von “Die Zeit” Umfrage.

The corridor of opinion is getting narrower and narrower. In exaggerated terms, we are currently living in a “KONSENS-DIKTATUR”!

The elites have always known about the existential influence of the media for their own power. In the book “The Dictionary of the Lie Press” by Thor Kunkel (Kopp) describes in detail the modern practices A small excerpt.

The print media will also soon be “promoted” by state subsidies. Of course in the name of DEMOCRACY…

MdB Peter Böhringer on ‘YouTube’. Why doesn’t anyone else report on it?

One positive aspect opens up digitalization for people with the urge to obtain comprehensive information. Foreign media offers, alternative media, social networks and, of course, the exchange of views among themselves are now part of everyday business. Without the use of these wide-ranging possibilities, one is unfortunately only served a very distorted picture of the current but also of the historical events. This seems to have been recognised by representatives of politicians and mainstream media as a danger. Everything is now being done, under the pretext of the “fight against incitement on the net”, to combat the unwelcome “sources, creators”. Quite a few lawyers consider the new “NETZDG” to be unconstitutional. But it goes on, see my article from 21.11.2019 “Attention: Government wants to get passwords, freedom of expression is in real danger!!!”

Who owns the media? For this purpose, a small section of sources …

Brisant: The propaganda matrix!

ÖR, Deutschlanfunk: Bill Gates Foundations – Gifts are not for nothing!

The business empire of the SPD ‘Deutschlandfunk’

Party participations Bundestag_wd-10-035-08

Who owns the German media? ‘Sputnik’

In the design of my contributions, it will be my concern to ensure a certain balance, i.e. to give a platform to alternative perspectives, contrary to the tendentious leading media. I will explicitly mark my personal view on the relevant topics. It is important to me to make the following observation:

The “linked” contributions of third parties that I have selected do not necessarily correspond to my view of things!!!

Justice, Law

another proof that we want to control the citizens of this state as fully as possible is the fact, which is hardly discussed, that our justice system is, unfortunately, much more dependent on politics than is generally believed. Thus, the Public Prosecutor’s Office is bound by instructions and thus an organ of the executive. So politics can have a massive impact on law enforcement, according to the motto “Where no plaintiff, there is no judge”. This has also been criticised by the ECJ ECJ German prosecutors are not allowed to issuing EU arrest warrants. ‘Mirror’

… Quote: “Unlike in other EU countries, public prosecutors in Germany do not have the power to issue European arrest warrants. That is now the decision of the European Court of Justice.”

In addition, politicians also exert their influence in the appointment of judges. Is this, all taken together, a real “separation of powers”? A legitimate question, I think.

Äußerst bedenklich ist, meiner Meinung nach, auch der massive Einfluss der EU (EuGH) auf das nationale Recht (siehe hierzu meinen Beitrag vom 06. Mai 2020 Bundesverfassungsgericht und das EZB-Urteil!).

The ECJ, on the other hand, seems to have been massively infiltrated by NGOs.

Bildung, Erziehung

is so important for a country without significant raw materials! German engineering is still in demand in the world, just how long ago. Although differences can be identified depending on the federal state, the overall level of education is in decline. Although this has been and continues to be the case all the time, those responsible, apart from pre-election assertions and fine Sunday speeches, do not seem to be able to get a grip on the situation.

Why is that?

Is there any intention to turn the education system to the wall?

Are there perhaps problems, conflicts that cannot be resolved, even if they are using greater financial resources?

In the first place, agglomerations reveal a number of causes. Poor or no knowledge of German at school, educated disrespect especially towards women, due to a patriarchal parental home. Surveys among pupils regularly confirm the extremely dangerous and majority-expressed view that Sharia law should be above the Basic Law. What happens if, in a few years’ time, a large number of teachers who still value teaching in good German retire? Are Mr Sarrazin or the former mayor of Berlin’s Neukölln Buschkowsky so unpopular in their own party because they openly spoke some truths? Do those who tell the truth divide a community?

Petra Paulsen ‘YouTube (Link)’, Teacher and author is one of the few who dares to put their finger in the wound. The reward of their honest efforts is, on the one hand, great approval, and on the other hand the usual location in the “right camp”. This is what happened to the young blogger and author Niki example: “Death threats in ethics lessons” ‘neverforgetniki’. A teacher from Hamburg, “Marie Schülert”, also caused a stir with her book “Schule am Abyss”. Eine Abrechnung, Schule am Abgrund. ‘Picture’

Even the leading media, albeit years ago, drew attention to many grievances…

NDR: Anti-German sentiment in German schools. ‘NDR, YouTube’ Anti-German sentiment in schools. ‘YouTube’

Death threats at school: Focal points schools in Germany. ‘SAT.1 Breakfast TV, ‘YouTube’

… the media play an increasingly important role, especially in early childhood education. State leaders know this all too well, since it has always been conducive to exerting an influence on education as early as possible in order to protect their own interests…

… an example of the children’s channel “KIKA”. ‘Young Freedom’

Another major issue is the ailing infrastructure of our educational institutions and the often cited lack of teaching. In fact, this could have been counteracted at an early stage by means of appropriate financial resources. What are the reasons for not having done so? Perhaps it is my guess that a people too educated can become very, perhaps too uncomfortable, for the self-appointed elites. History, before the invention of printing, shows how well it can govern with less well-educated people. Freely following the motto:

Sprach der König zum Priester: “Halt Du sie dumm, ich halte sie arm”diese und andere APHORISMEN.

To be sure, more subtle means of opinion-making are at work these days.

Economy, Finance

“… Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it. (Moses 1.28)”

For far too long, humanity has behaved according to this biblical quotation. Birth control does not take place in many countries, so that our species will soon reach the 8 billion mark. Our economy, and finance system is also based on ‘growth’, and without growth it is uneasily doomed to a ‘crash’.

financial system of the old paradigm. ‘earth-and-spirit’

Growth criticism – Jan Müller has had enough – ‘Zeit Online’

Dirk Müller on our money system ‘Dirk Müller at Lanz’

Dirk Müller ‘YouTube’

Alternative systems. ‘Attac Germany’

It is astonishing that there is so little public discussion in society on this subject.

There is also little mention of the fact that the German population is far less wealthy than one gets prayerfully persuaded from the leading media. So it is constantly said: “Germany is rich, Germany must help”! But the reality for the ordinary citizen is rather the opposite…

The Germans are the poor sausages of the EU! ‘STAR’

List of countries by assets. ‘Wiki’

State and religion

is, in my view, primarily ‘PRIVATSACHE’. I consider a “secular form of society” in which everyone should be able to freely practice their religion, as long as the laws of the country are respected and the state-guaranteed rights of third parties are not restricted to live peacefully together in the long term.

Unfortunately, within religious communities, there is always an effort to influence the state and society to the detriment of others. Germany and most other EU states are still traditionally Christian. However, the proportion of atheists has continued to rise in recent years. However, immigration in particular is also making this country a growing proportion of Muslims. The future population development and the associated influence on society is also very dynamic. To draw attention to the dangers involved has nothing to do with racism. On the contrary, anyone who is serious about a “freedom of democracy” in a secular society should make it their duty to fight for it with the means of the rule of law.

Islam is a special position in the contemplation, which, in my opinion, is incompatible with our conceptions of a liberal society in the form practiced in the leading Islamic countries. The idea of a Western-style reform of ISLAM must unfortunately be regarded as a failure, as it is today. Thilo Sarrazin has vividly described the danger potential of ISLAM in his books “Germany Abolishes Itself” and “The Hostile Takeover”. But he is far from the only “Warner” in this regard. Further sources can be found here:

Central Council of Ex-Muslims ‘WWW’

Sister Hatune Dogan warns against The Islamisation of Europe

Imad Karim ‘WWW’

Lecture Evening – Islam In Germany, Where? ‘Imad Karim”

Hamad.TV ‘YouTube’ (Hamed Abdel-Samad sends a strong message to young Muslims in Europe, about asylum, radicalisation and terror)

Citizens’ Movement PAXEUROPA” ‘WWW’


Ex-ARD journalist Wagner calls for the “Political AN ISLAM” ‘PAX EUROPA’ to be insulated …

The Conquest of the World by Islam

… apparently one dares to criticize only after one’s own career has lost its importance. That says a lot about the so-called “freedom of expression” in Germany.

… and exemplary for many countries the development in Turkey:

Democracy is only the train we jump on until we reach our destination.
The mosques are our barracks, the minarets our bayonets, the mosque domes our helmets and the believers our soldiers.
(After a poem by Ziya Gökalp. Quoted in: “Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The Islamist as a modernizer.” welt.de, May 05, 2007)


Protecting our environment is our top priority, because we only have this one unique planet. By far the greatest danger to our environment is the unbridled spread of human beings. One could also say: “The success story of the human genus has become the greatest danger to the entire life on this planet”!

Climate change, energy transition…

most of us ordinary citizens are not experts in this field. It would therefore be desirable to have an open discussion in the general public, in which fact-based and unbiased information and discussion is held. Since this is not happening at the moment, only the way to research itself remains. Here is a selection of sites…

Flg.59 – Two percent world rescue

(17.09.2020 – Fritz Vahrenholt, bestselling author, chemistry professor, politician and manager, talks to Burkhard Müller-Ullrich about his new book “Unwanted Truths” (together with Sebastian Lüning, published by LangenMüller). Despite the sacrifice of the German energy industry, the climate catastrophe will not be mentioned for the time being. Even the experts of the Federal Ministry of Research do not expect any significant warming in the next five years.)

Knowledge, environment: Erwin Thoma: Climate change – an opportunity?

Post of Dec 5, 2020: “Book Recommendation – Unwanted Truths –

Contribution from 20 June 2020 on the topic of the energy transition: The best way to get a picture, data and facts…

vhs.wissen live: Green Deal – Hans-Werner Sinn | VHS Knowledge live

As a result of Corona, hardly any cars and yet no air improvement. see this article of April 10, 2020!

North Pole freezes more – Icebreaker too slow – Polar star without supply ‘Host Lüning’

NASA predicts lowest solar activity level in 200 years! ‘contribution of 24 April 2020’

Russian TV: “Anti-Greta vs. Greta: Climate Sceptic Against Eco-Schizophrenia” “Anti-Mirror”

Nuclear fusion, an alternative? ‘Max Planck Institute’

Official: Wind & Solar cannot replace a single power plant! Christian Loose (AfD)’

The Climate Horror Picture Show – The Gulf Stream Flips (Part 3) ‘Academy Raddy’

16-Climate Questions by | Klimafragen.org

Too many climate issues remain unresolved. ‘tichyseinblick’

TV legend Jean Pütz warns against eco-dictatorship! ‘

Country in climate madness – Greta, goblins and a lot of ideology! – AfD Group in the Bundestag

En-ROADS – Climate interactive

The Limits of Knowledge, Will the Global Energy Transition Succeed? And what if not? ‘Contribution of 25 Jan 2020’

Climate fight is class struggle from above. ‘PI-NEWS’

McKinsey Study on Climate Change… ‘Spiegel Jan2020’

Climate change – Where the enormous energy of earth heating comes from. ‘Stefan Rahmstorf, Spiegel’

pre-industrial droughts and current fires. ‘Post from 14 Jan ‘2020’

In the Eifel the resistance grows, physics professor Sigismund Kobe: German energy transition will burst like a soap bubble! ‘Contribution from 13 Jan 2020’

Cook study refutes: Less than 1% blame people for climate change ‘NuoVisoTV, YouTube’

Climate Change, My Bathing Holiday in Antarctica (Part 1) ‘Academy Raddy’

Climate Antarctica – Argentine Weather Authority contradicts the 20.75°C temperature record (Part 2) ‘Akademie Raddy’…

A climate of contradictions. ‘Academy Raddy’

“A Giant Fraud” – Climate Change & NWO: Oliver Janich & Robert Stein (Part 2) ‘Speaker’s Corner’

EIKE – European Institute for Climate and Energy

IPPC Germany

How to organize a country?

if you really want to live sustainably and far in harmony with nature.

A few thoughts on this, coupled with the question: do we really want this?

  • Turning away from industrial society
  • Building an Agra society based on widespread self-sufficiency of citizens. A large part of the pastures would have to be converted into allotments.
  • For all the work, the focus would be on ecological management with the protection of the environment.
  • In order to provide food for all citizens (relative to Germany), the population would have to be significantly reduced.
  • To be continued…

Is Germany sovereign?

Statements on this subject are often dismissed as conspiracy theories. In this context, however, if one looks at historical events and critically examines the statements of some important players from politics and society, one must come to the conclusion that many of these theories do not seem so absurd at all. Cruel wars have been and are being waged because rulers and regimes too often link their ideas from a glorious empire to the heads of their subjects. This is achieved through targeted “popular propaganda” with the aim of equalising opinion. Often on the pretext of helping a particular ideology or religion to win, it is ultimately all about power and gain. Every means seems to be right. It is only a matter of highlighting the “inhumane” of the supposed enemy. At the moment, one uses rather a “hybrid warfare”. Apparently, the self-proclaimed elite has realized that domination can be achieved much more elegantly and cost-effectively. Nation-states in the traditional form are rather obstructive and should be overcome. With the help of the media, which are largely controlled by the makers, people are taught the “humane necessity” of a “world government”. We have not always wanted to improve the environment globally, to control the growth of the world’s population, to improve health for all, to prevent famine, to combat epidemics globally, etc. On the other hand, no decent, humane spirit will want to retend anything. Nevertheless, there are critics who oppose such efforts. Why is that? On the one hand, there are serious doubts about the functioning of such large central organisations. On the other hand, the motives of these lords have not changed: “A SMALL SHIFT OF THE REST OF THE POPULATION”.

see also the article: “THE GREAT RESET”

New Rules: The Big Reboot – WEF | IMF | UN want world socialism! ‘TellTheTruth’

Clear – The interpretation nobility in panic mode ‘PI Politics Special’ …

… Very nice, as in this article some so-called conspiracy theories are addressed.

Thorsten Polleit: With money to world domination – Where democratic socialism leads ‘Library of Conservatism, YouTube (Link)’

Yascha Mounk: Unique Historical Experiment ‘Secession’ | – > The silence of the lambed to “Umvolker” Mounk. ‘Vera Lengsfeld’…

… has there ever been a survey of voters about whether such an experiment is desirable?

What role do “globalists” play with their “NGOs”? In the research one inevitably comes across the name “Georg Soros”. The ratings about what really drives this man are certainly far apart. But there is one thing that is not disputed, his statements about how he enimagines “migration” and “immigration” for Europe…

How George Soros went from Messiah to enemy of the people. ‘NZZ

George Soros wants to destroy Europe. ‘allSchallundRauch, WWW’

George Soros places great hope in “The Greens”

Bill Gates, Spiegel and Gordon Brown call for world government ‘express newspaper’

Corona Crisis & Shocking Rockefeller Paper! Elite (Bill Gates, George Soros …) exposes themselves!

Explosive study & documents: George Soros, von der Leyen, Lagarde, ECB and EU against Germany.

Mystery about the armament of Stalin & Hitler. ‘Silver Boy’

The Corona Crisis: A Satanic Masonic Production? ‘Oliver Jnich, YouTube’

The Free Wall ‘Inside CIA TV’

Some useful addresses

Petition platforms

Alternative media (only a small selection)

a selection focusing on more conservative sources is a response to the dominance of the “left, – green” orientation in the environment of the “public-legal” and the so-called “leading media”!

The public-law(ÖR) in the net:

Radio ‘YouTube’


(i would also assign here, i.e. quasi-ÖR)

rather conservative-patriotic, including opinion portals of free,- independent lone fighters:

Boris Reitschuster, Homepage

Hello Opinion, Homepage

The private investor ‘YouTube’

politik_spezial_2020_01 ‘The Private Investor’

Tichy’s Insight

… Example: The Suicide of Europe”: Bestselling author Douglas Murray in an interview (DE)

Robert Matuschewski ‘YouTube’

Langemann Media

Dirk Pohlmann: System Media ‘WE – Knowledge is Relevant’


“The free speech union” “Tobby Young from GB, YouTube”

New Culture Forum ‘Tobby Young, YouTube’

Free Speech Union – Resistance to the mob of minds. ‘Michael Klein, ef’…

“Michael Klein, eigentümlichfrei” ‘WWW’

strangetv ‘YouTube’


Library of Conservatism ‘WWW’

Knowledge Manufactory ‘YouTube’

CompactTV ‘YouTube’

Matthias Matussek ‘YouTube

Why I’m a Nazi. ‘Matthias Mattussek, achgut’

Serge Menga ‘YouTube’

Jan Fleischauer ‘WWW’

451 degrees ‘YouTube’

Stefan Magnet ‘YouTube’

IFS – Institute of State Policy

Gerald Grosz ‘YouTube (Link)’



Silver boy Thorsten Schulte, foreign determined and more.. ‘WWW’

Example article: ARD/ZDF history lie? Kaiser & Dt. Rich the bad guys? Sleepwalker & World War I? MrWissen2go. ‘Silver boy

Express newspaper, Switzerland ‘WWW’

… the corresponding criticism of this paper should not go unmentioned.

find here at ‘Watson’


“Hamed Abdel-Samad”, formerly a welcome guest in talk shows, is now banished and silenced. This also applies to “Henrik M. Broder”…

Hamed Abdel-Samad | Islam and Islam Criticism (NZZ Positions 2017) and its…

… YouTube channel “Hamed-TV”

BPE Citizens’ Movement PAX Europe against Political Islam ‘WWW’…

– > PAX_Argumentationshilfe

Fun with Ludger K ‘WWW’…


rather “Links” to “Links radical”:

People’s Verpetzer

KenFM ‘YouTube’

After ‘WWW’

Indymedia (not at all) ‘WWW’

Amadeu Antonio Foundation ‘WWW’


Research all gem.:

Wikipedia has become an established “reference platform”. Also I like to use Wiki but more and more often encounters one in his research on the net the hint (with corresponding link) on contributions from Wiki to the requested topic. In other words, one has a great interest in serving consumers the “RIGHT OPINION”, where one should ask: Who determines this? What are the interests behind this? I am certainly not alone in this view. Regular abysses open up if you take a look at the following source:

YouTube channel of wikihausen
or/ wikihausen.de

A statement from an insider. Author and user “Martin Sell” via Wikipediafound in the research for “Thorsten Schulte”, who here experiences the usual defamation as a nasty “conspiracy theorist” without even providing some evidence of it. In contrast, the bestselling author has backed up each of his theses with a wealth of references in his works “Loss of Control” and “Foreign Determined”.

Correctiv Die Aussagen über “Wikipedia” treffen in großen Teilen, meiner Meinung nach, auch auf diese Quelle zu.

Conspiracy & Facts a self-proclaimed “opinion correction platform”. The cheap critique of the aforementioned book “Foreign Determined” is underground. A few sentences are criticized in isolation, apparently without having read the book at all. Otherwise, it is sufficient to state that the author is not out of the field. If you really know the book, you don’t fall for it.

Click Charts, 10000Files…

… If you want to know about the current popularity levels of blogs etc., you can do so here.


The state of our society

Our Chancellor

The following small selection of quotations and contributions on important topics speak for themselves

Interesting posts

Mass Murderer Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Hitler ‘Holger Strohm’

Rarely does something happen purely by chance in politics. Conspiracies of various forms, including murder, are part of the business. Unfortunately, what is reprehensible to the ordinary citizen is also part of human history. Perversely, even the greatest mass murderers are revered, be it Alexander the Great, Caesar, Napoleon or the above four. Heute werden im Namen der Menschenrechte und Demokratie Millionen Menschen abgeschlachtet.


Peter Scholl Latour, one of the best…

Peter Scholl-Latour – 9/11 “Saudi assassination” & “big lie”

Peter Scholl-Latour: The Truth About 9/11 and Al-Qaeda

Peter Scholl Latour on Political Islam ‘For Justice’

Peter Scholl Latour rests from Syria, Salafists, Islam The talk show Eklat ‘Peter Scholl Latour’


Can socialism work? – Ideas by Ludwig von Mises – ‘Gunnar Kaiser’

Tavistock, Bilderberger etc Democracy as Farce ‘Wittwer Peter’

Minors and refugee grandpas are suing Greece. ‘PI-NEWS

Lobby Control: Top Party Donations 2018

Volksverpetzer Fails #3: Immigrants enrich our social systems! ‘HirnstattHetze’

Germany in the Double Crisis ‘Tichy’s Insight’

KGB Agent reported: How the Communists infiltrated the West. ‘Liberty Academy’

Election of Kemmerich – The pragmatic approach to the AfD. ‘Cicero’

When is a crime actually “right”? Jens Ahrends, MdL (AfD)

Alternatives to Neoliberal Growth Madness in Capitalism – DOKU HD ‘NachdenKen’

The dictatorship of minds shows its violent frat. ‘Free World’

Right-Conservative | Liberal all the same. ‘NZZ’

Advertising for white schools on Time-Online! ‘Contribution from 04.02.’20’

Broders Spiegel: Consistent Anti-Fascism ‘Achgut.pogo’

Henryk M. Broder: The situation is hopeless, but not serious (ef-Germany Conference 2020, Part 1). ‘self-free’

Why the left loves the right-wing extremism of others. ‘Gunnar Kaiser’

The Lost Honor of Henryk M. Broder – How violence arises and where it can lead. ‘Gunnar Kaiser’

Warum ich nicht mehr die Grünen wähle ‘Gunnar Kaiser

(I noticed this in a similar way)

The Black Book of Communism. ‘Wiki’

(Why is there so little talk about this?)

broschuere-2019-06-anti-Semitism-in-Islamism from the BfV

IQ Country data

More on politics