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Inliners & Ice Skating

since 2017 I have been very often found on the street with inliners, alternatively in winter in the ice rink. Beautiful round movements, gentle on the joints.

You can have a lot of fun here too

Scatebynight events.

Inline Club Hannover

Here are a few recommendations for suitable equipment

Inline Skates for Freestyle Slalom

Roller Shop Bielefeld…

… in this snazzy shop I got my favorite inliners. Spare parts, accessories, rolls, here you have everything you need.


After a first test drive my conclusion: Definitely the best I’ve ever had. Agile, stable, well worked, comfortable enough. All in all: great for freestyle and city riders!

Count T-Blade
Count T-Blade

On the ice it doesn’t necessarily have to be skates from “Bauer”.

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